Standardized levels using a proprietary extraction process

Quality demands standardization, which in turn produces consistent effects and increases customer loyalty. 

Eriomin® is standardized using a decades-old standardization process developed and honed by Ingredients by Nature (IBN). Eriomin consists of a proprietary blend of lemon flavonoids composed primarily of high-potency Eriocitrin extract. It also contains other lemon flavonoids, which have been clinically shown to help maintain healthy endothelial function, manage inflammation within the healthy range and inhibit α-glucosidase activity—all of which help support healthy blood glucose management.*

Only the purest flavonoid extracts produced from lemons at various maturity stages have been included in this blend.

Quality assured nutrition ingredients

Eriomin is manufactured exclusively by Ingredients by Nature (IBN). With 80 years of manufacturing experience, IBN is the world leader in citrus bioflavonoid extracts and backs up their products through patents and rigorous clinical testing.

From sourcing to research and development, to cutting-edge extraction science, the team at IBN leverages its core expertise to create highly-purified ingredients, extracts and concentrates. The company uses its extensive understanding of research to provide unique value-added solutions for customer-specific formula applications.