Prediabetes currently affects one in three adults

Prediabetes is not a single condition, rather it is a group of conditions that affect the metabolism of carbohydrates and result in high blood sugar levels.

As blood glucose levels rise, reactive oxygen species (ROS) production can fall out of balance with normal antioxidant activity and the body can struggle to maintain inflammation within the normal range. Additional support for both ROS production and inflammation management can help neutralize the cyclical progression of prediabetes.*

Eriomin® Glucose addresses the need to manage these interrelated health concerns through its multi-functional biomechanisms.*

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Eriomin Glucose benefits

Eriomin’s proprietary blend is primarily composed of Eriocitrin. Eriocitrin has been clinically shown to support healthy blood glucose function, generate potent antioxidant activity and help manage inflammation within the healthy range.* The Eriocitrin in Eriomin is of the highest purity available and extracted from lemon fruit at various maturity stages for a more potent extract.

Eriomin Glucose marketing claims

  • Helps maintain blood glucose levels within the normal range.*
  • Helps support normal insulin sensitivity.*
  • Helps manage a healthy inflammation response.* 
  • Supports healthy cell function through increased antioxidant activity.*

Eriomin’s gold-standard human clinical trial on blood glucose levels

Eriomin’s unique multi-functional support was studied in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, first-of-a-kind human clinical trial. 103 prediabetic subjects consumed one capsule daily (200 or 400 or 800 mg Eriomin™ or placebo) for 12 weeks. The trial used standard testing measures, including the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT), which shows how quickly glucose is processed by the system, and the Hemoglobin A1C test (HA1C), which averages blood glucose levels over the past three months.


Supplementation with Eriomin showed improvement by all subjects in all three areas of prediabetes management after 12 weeks.* In addition to this across the board improvement, an average of 24% of subjects who received Eriomin returned to normal fasting glucose levels, showed markers of increased glucose tolerance and successfully addressed prediabetes.*

All subjects showed significant improvements in multi-pronged prediabetes management when supplementing with Eriomin and 24% successfully managed their prediabetes.* 

Why choose Eriomin Glucose

  • Clinically proven for blood glucose management in a human clinical trial
  • Addresses multiple, interdependent functions
  • Utilizes proprietary extraction process
  • Versatile powder for use in capsules, blends and tablets
  • Suspendable in beverages with a neutral flavor profile for foods
  • Backed by Ingredients by Nature