The Esport supplement opportunity 

The electronic sports industry has grown to be a $138 billion industry worldwide and is still surging. As a result, Esport competitors and gamers are looking for both a mental and physical edge to help them turn a potential loss into a win. The slightest advantage can change everything.

A split-second faster response, sustained attention, adroit fingers, and healthier neurons can turn a good game into a winning game. Eriomin is the must-add ingredient for supplement and beverage formulations targeted towards gamers to provide them the real-time and long-term edge they’re looking for. 

Eriomin is a naturally-sourced lemon flavonoid extract clinically shown to support healthy blood glucose levels and a healthy gaming lifestyle. 

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Eriomin Esport benefits

Eriomin Esport provides protective support for:

  • Eye health*
  • Healthy hearing*
  • Cognitive performance*
  • Faster reaction performance*
  • Faster body recovery*

Eriomin Esport marketing claims

Formulations with Eriomin Esport can make the following esport structure-function claims:

  • Supports a healthy gaming lifestyle*
  • Helps avoid sugar spikes and crashes by supporting healthy blood glucose levels*
  • Promotes post-gaming recovery by managing a healthy inflammation response*
  • Promotes eye health by increasing antioxidant activity in the macula*
  • Promotes healthy hearing by minimizing the ear damage from extended headphone use*

Multi-functional Esport biomechanisms

Eriomin Esport helps correct interrelated imbalances that can affect the real-time acuity and long-term health of gamers, including oxidative stress, inflammation, and blood glucose levels. 

Managing oxidative stress

Brain: Eriomin Esport helps manage oxidative stress and balance the level of free radicals in the brain, helping neurons communicate optimally. Fast-firing neurons are essential for top esport competitors.
Eyes: Eriomin Esport promotes increased antioxidant activity in the macula, which helps maintain eye health and neutralize the effects of esport eye strain. 

Managing inflammation levels

Post-game recovery: Eriomin Esport helps maintain inflammation levels within the normal range, which assists in faster post-game recovery.
Ear health: Eriomin Esport’s support for healthy inflammation levels can help minimize the effects of ear damage due to headphones.

Managing blood glucose levels

Performance: Helps avoid sugar spikes and crashes, which can negatively impact performance.
Cognition: Steady blood sugar levels have a positive impact on cognitive functioning, which supports sustained attention and focus for esport gamers. 

Clinically studied esports ingredient

Eriomin Esport’s effectiveness in correcting imbalances through the inter-related management of inflammation, oxidative stress and blood glucose levels have been clinically studied in a double-blind, randomized, peer-reviewed study published in Phytotherapy Research.

High-scoring formulation pairings 

Pair Eriomin Esport with the following ingredients to increase the immediate and lasting protective benefits of Eriomin for esport gamers: 

Polymethoxylated Flavones (PMF): Blend Eriomin Esport and PMF to enhance performance recovery and cognitive health. 

CoffeeFruit Pure: Add this unique profile of polyphenols for the energy boost, the maintenance and repair of healthy neurons, and the growth of new neurons. 

Guarana: Add this herb to sharpen focus while also reducing fatigue.

Yerba Mate: This herbal tea is rich in Xanthines (including caffeine and theobromine), Caffeoyl derivatives, Saponins, and Polyphenols, which can increase energy levels without the jitters or crash.

Oat Straw: Add this ingredient to support stress management following intense mental exertion. 

Rhodiola Rosea: This apoptogenic herb can help strengthen your formulation’s ability to manage stress, improve concentration and lower mental fatigue.